Sun 2
Parcel from Gerty. Letter from Elsie Caddel.
Mon 3
I owe Mr Holmes a letter and Ramsden 8d. When shall I be able to sing the Village Blacksmith again?
Tue 4
There is a cinema in Ghyvelde the village we are now staying in.
Wed 5
Replied to Elsie. Wrote to Gerty.
Thu 6
Letter from Nellie Mason - I have a photo of D. I am trying to think of a song to write on the back of it. Am undecided between "Ye dear eyes", and "Thou art my heart".
Fri 7
Wrote N.M. We play retreat on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
Sat 8
Out on machine-gun emplacement. When will D.M.P. write again?
Sun 9
One may as well be a machine as live a life like this. "The daily round, the common task will furnish all we ought to ask!" And yet methinks it supplies very little of what we do ask.
Wed 12
"Thou art my soul, thou art my heart. Nought can like thee such joys impart. Blest with thy worth is life more dear; thy glance doth make an heav'n more near, Thou hast upraised me with thy worth; My guardian angel here on earth."
Thu 13
J'ai permission à visite Dunquerque. Rue de C. No. 8 Jeannot 2½ f. De veux venir encore.
Mon 17
I have eat nothing since dinner. It is strange for me to miss a meal thus, I feel more miserable than ever before tonight.
Thu 20
Went and spent a very happy time in Rosendael.
Fri 21
Letter from G.Higgs. Wrote Elsie C.
Mon 24
Teteghem. (On the march)
Tue 25
Sat 29