Thu 1
Southam - euphonium player - went to bed with rheumatic fever, last night, so of course could not play at concert. He is put in Category A1!
Fri 2
Southam died last night. Sergeants Ball Slept with R.S.M. Holmes. Wants me for orderley when Webb is Lance-Cpl.
Sat 3
Repeat concert. Mrs Moreau and Mary in [illegible] Been to Tidworth to see German Prisoners. Mary says they stared at her. No wonder. (This is complimentary)
Mon 5
Letter from Dolly.
Tue 6
Letter to Dolly.
Wed 7
Letter from Vi. Route march.
[Page missing]
Thu 15
With R.S.M. this evening.
Fri 16
This evening started with R.S.M. for Darlington on escort duty. We saw St. Paul's and the Houses of Parliament and had supper in an Italian restaurant called "The Press" in Fleet Street.
Sat 17
We made straight to Newcastle, had breakfast at Lockharts and saw the submarines and cruisers being constructed and repaired on the Tyne. We left for Darlington and stayed the night at a friends. Letter from Vi.
Sun 18
Returned with prisoner arr. at - 1 a.m.
Tue 20
Letter from Gerty.
Thu 22
Very fine organ recital in St. Mary's this evening. Rohan Cleusy played the Preislied most beautifully on his violin. Went with May and Mrs. Bridle.
Mon 26
We had a fine time in Mrs. Bridle's this evening. Dancing and joking went round merrily.
Tue 27
Sent Picture of Beatrice and Dante to Dorothea with letter. Wrote mother stating rumours of leave.
Wed 28
Gramophone was playing Waltzes and Songs in Bridle's last night and there were Buglers and young lady friends who could not dance. My lady and I did our best in Waltz and Schottische.