Sun 1
Church Parade.
Mon 2
Letter to D.M.P. Letter from Gerty. Returned from range, unfinished account of snow, etc.
Tue 3
Finished firing today. Got half doz. photos.
Wed 4
Half a day's holiday. Soldier's Club. Reconstructed L D System Shorthand from memory.
Thu 5
Sent photo to Vi, with letter. In Colchester Public Library this evening. Very large room something like home Birmingham.
Fri 6
Church Parade. Supposed to play in a "Procession of Witness" round Colchester. This is too much for thy servant, Lord. Missed it by peculiar accident.
Sat 7
Went to see "When Knights Were Bold" at T.R. Excellent! Just my style. P. Adlam undertakes R.S.M. batman duties. Thought last night how fat I was getting. See the sequel on next page. What a life.
Sun 8
Wrote to Gerty. Wrote to H.M.M. Chaplain's Farewell, today.
Mon 9
Passed recommendation for A1. Wondering in the club tonight what some people imagine soldiers are. Seem to treat them like poor relations.
Tue 10
Report sick for eye-test this morning. Been to Colchester Mil. Hospital and have to call for the oculars in a week's time. Dodging gas drill.
Thu 12
Wrote letter on Tuesday to tell Nellie about the A/1 business. But tore it up in a different frame of mind. Behind the necessity of making the communication to someone. sometime, I think there was a strain of personal vanity. That is my excuse.
Sat 14
Transferred to A Coy. A1.
Sun 15
Went to Hythe Quay this evening. M. Or.
Mon 16
Wrote Miss Phillips.
Tue 17
Wrote Gerty. Went through gas-chamber this afternoon. Feature - had no standard tests, but name was down so passed through. Effect - smarting nose and tears.
Wed 18
Wrote Nellie M. a great deal relative to the subject of happiness in the choice of friends; and my own bigoted opinions thereon.
Thu 19
There is one who I can pray for and overcome my pride and disbelief for. There is one who I have no right and no chance to help and protect. I commend her into the hands of a good God.
Sun 22
Parcel from Gerty. Full of good things very much needed during the shortage of grub in this rotten Company.
Fri 27
Kit Week.
Mon 30
Commenced Field Training. Parade with A Company. Find Joseph is treating his men in a different way, now, to when they were annexed.