Tue 1
Went out three miles into Beautiful country for a manoevre. There is a road about 500 yards from the edge of a wooded slope, the trees individually being difficult to distinguish, but in the aggregate affording the very largest beauty of colouring the eye could wish to see. The scenery recalled memories of C.H.P. in the glory of Spring.
[No entries]
Wed 9
Out again for the day at Copford. We do lead a life on very small potatoes and hardly any meat. But when we have bayonet fighting in the very excess of heat the agony is piled up.
Thu 10
Had a very nice letter from Fred. Written home for his address which he characteristically omitted from the heading. Writes about Jack Young with extreme insight, I should say. Poor Jack! Wonder how his dear little wife is.
Sat 12
God alone knows when the last letter came! I am despairing of ever hearing again. What I could have done to make this happen I can't imagine. I feel as bitter as gall about it. Someone in the mess said I looked displeased about something. This shows how one registers moods like a thermometer for I was not thinking of the matter at the time, at all.
Sun 13
Went to Meth. Ch. this evening, when I became thoroughly disgusted with the proceedings. This is surely never the Methodism of George Elliots books.
Thu 17
Got Fred's address and posted his letter. Have not heard from Dolly yet.
Fri 18
Day out in the country - night too, for that matter, as we didn't get home till morning.
Sat 19
Reached barracks at 2 a.m. tired to death
Mon 21
Parcel from Mother containing socks, dates, apples, oranges, cakes, butter and bread.
Tue 22
Brigade duty. Played at funeral. Wrote letter to Vi enclosing sketch of Blatchford. Copied from Herald print, 4 to 1 scale. Hope she likes it, though Bert would best, I daresay.
Thu 24
Returned from Alresford, where we were camping under canvas and having rather a heavy job digging a long trench, formerly an ordinary ditch with stagnant water.
Fri 25
Preparing for leave. In the afternoon sent to bombing ground with some forty others to do our bomb throwing. Left for station at 7.30 in last party.
Sat 26
Arrived in B'ham 4 a.m. by G.W.R. from Paddington. Slept for about 2 hours, then went with Vi to Cannon Hill where we rowed on the pool.
Sun 27
Went to see Gerty at Handsworth.
Mon 28
P.C. arranging to meet Dolly at her home.
Tue 29
I've told her everything. I can't make her love me. She has nothing but passion for me; and I ask for love. How can she be so indifferent? I've tried so hard - it is cruel. Farewell, my darling.
Wed 30
Went to Earlswood with Nellie, who was kind enough to stay from work on my account. I am sorry to leave the poor girl behind. I know she loves Fred, now. She told me a part of his life I partly guessed before.
Thu 31
Returned to Barracks. On the whole I had a happy day, but it is when night draws on that my feelings seem to sting, and I feel that I have missed all that is beautiful in life!