Thu 1
Took in palliasses this morning. Just heard the incident of Mark Twain's arrival in Liverpool on his way to Oxford when he saw a placard as follows: "Mark Twain arrived in England. - Ascot gold cup stolen."
Fri 2
Wished friends in Andover goodbye especially Dorothy. How strange that name. I have never been so gone in my life.
Sat 3
Colchester, Essex. Arrived.
Mon 5
Went to Hippodrome this evening. A revue called "Sunshine" was of an absolutely mediocre description. There was neither comedian or vocalist
Tue 6
Letter from Dolly to say the Pictures arrived in a distressful condition.
Wed 7
Paid for three weeks service by R.S.M.
Fri 9
Wrote Miss Phillips, rather a too harsh letter I am afraid. Perhaps it is best so.
Sat 10
Late pass. Royal "Outcast". Pictures - Lady Windermeres Fan.
Sun 11
Ch. Parade. Garrison Ch. No room for band.
Tue 13
Theatre Royal, "The Tigers Cub". Western Drama
Wed 14
Letter from Gerty. Photo from Vi. Very pleased.
Thu 15
Report sick this even. with itch, I believe.
Fri 16
Sent to hospital and rejected. No pay this week, curse it.
Sat 17
Emergency move practice.
Sun 18
Ch. Parade S Peters.
Mon 19
Commenced prelim. Musketry Training. Think a certain young lady has forgotten me, sure.
Tue 20
In the end I think passion has to be heavily paid for in some way.
Thu 22
Commenced firing Musketry Course. Going-on very well considering visual defects.
Fri 23
Wrote to Bert. Double weeks pay.
Sat 24
Wrote D.M.P. Wrote Vi. Order to stand to. Dished out with rations and ammunition.
Sun 25
Best sermon.
Mon 26
Wrote Nellie Mason.
Tue 27
Wrote Gerty. Mentioned Bellairs, Com., on Home Defence.
Thu 29
Wrote Andover, Bridle's. Want to know why Miss Phillips never answered my last letter. Poor girl, I suppose it frightened her, rather. You should not be so abrupt.
Fri 30
"My Lady Frayle" Not an absolute comedy this. Seems a concoction of Mrs. Cornwallis West's love story and Faust.
Sat 31
Bought "Beloved Vagabond" for Dorothea. Photograph taken; full length.