Wed 1
Wrote to Mary Moreau. Wrote to Nellie. Got wet going to Camp this morning. Not posted the letter.
Thu 2
We are leaving Coxide this afternoon. Raining as usual, weather gone quite cold. Arrived at Litaghern. Sleeping in a large barn.
Fri 3
Having short rations. I want a wristlet watch badly.
Sat 4
Field card to Mother. Letter from Vi.
Sun 5
Received a p.c. enclosed in a letter from Vi. This was an inquiry from Percy whose letters addressed to Base have been returned.
Tue 7
Posted letter to Vi for pipe, and one to Adlam.
Mon 13
Letter from Adlam.
Tue 14
Adventure in Malo, beautiful city of France.
Wed 15
Paid 10 fr.
Thu 16
In Au Poisson Rouge, Malo, lives a fair and beautiful child who knows me well on sight, Her mother is a good looking woman. She insists on being kissed every night. (I mean the child.)
Fri 17
Sent the Otiosa House p.c. to Elsie Caddel.
Sat 18
Letter from Mary Moreau.
Mon 20
Letter from Vi telling me that Annie and Cyril are in hospital with diptheria also asking if I have plenty of letters!
Tue 21
Rosendael. Marie-Jeanne Steen. Sept An. "Au La Poisson Rouge".
Wed 22
Letter from Nellie Mason makes absurd statement that I write tales of woe. Trés fâché.
Thu 23
Fri 24
Got pass to Dunkirk. Suzon No 20 letter to from "Jacques" Constantine with reply. Dark hair, brown kid boots and navy blue jerkin & kilt. Letter from Dolly. Replied. Billy Sparrow on leave.
Mon 27
Moving from here tomorrow. Ghyvelde.
Tue 28
Started for huts where we are rumoured to be staying for a fortnight. Afterwards bound for the Somme. Letter from W.E.H.
Thu 30
Drum-major arrived to take charge of band.