DNA Testing

Both my parents have now received the results of Autosomal DNA tests taken with Family Tree DNA (called Family Finder). I have also uploaded their results to GEDmatch. The batch numbers on GEDmatch are T859221 for my father and T851709 for my mother.

Ethnic Makeup results


My father is 100% European:

  • 48% British Isles
  • 31% Scandinavia
  • 21% Western & Central Europe

My mother is also 100% European:

  • 49% Scandinavia
  • 44% British Isles
  • 7% Southern Europe

No surprises there, but I think these results have to be taken with a pinch of salt anyway.


My father has approximately 460 matches of which 11 are in the 2nd-4th cousin range, and 33 in the 3rd-5th cousin range.
My mother has approximately 470 matches of which 9 are in the 2nd-4th cousin range, and 35 in the 3rd-5th cousin range.

So far I haven’t confirmed my relationship to any of these new cousins, but I hope to in time. As more people have DNA tests for genealogy purposes, working out relationships may become easier.

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy is a very useful starting point for genetic genealogy, with explanations of the different types of DNA tests, comparisons of testing companies and much more.


If you are a DNA match for either of my parents and are trying to work out where our connection is, here is a list of my ancestors surnames on my father’s side:

Barnet Birmingham, Warwickshire
Barnett Rugby, Warwickshire
Brittain Birmingham, Warwickshire
Bryan Tredington, Warwickshire
Eades Hanbury, Worcestershire
Evans Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire
Farn Rugby, Warwickshire
Gammage Rugby, Warwickshire
Gilbert Birmingham, Warwickshire
Hastings Berkswell, Warwickshire
Herbert Rugby, Warwickshire
Hipwell Catthorpe, Leicestershire
Hutt Rugby, Warwickshire
Jones Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire
Jordan Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Patchett Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Pitman Berkswell, Warwickshire
Shuttleworth Birmingham, Warwickshire
Simson Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
Stacy Rugby, Warwickshire
Such Alveston, Warwickshire
Tandy Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Withers Berkswell, Warwickshire

Charts showing:
All relatives of Arthur Howard Eades (my paternal grandfather)
All relatives of Violet Shuttleworth (my paternal grandmother)

List of my ancestors surnames on my mother’s side:

Adams Loxley, Warwickshire
Barterham Ilmington, Warwickshire
Bartlett Burmington, Warwickshire
Batsford Whatcote, Warwickshire
Berry Barcheston, Warwickshire
Bourne Bedworth, Warwickshire
Clifton Brailes, Warwickshire
Dagnell Ireland
Davis Brailes, Warwickshire
Duppa Loxley, Warwickshire
Evetts Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Gallimore Fazeley, Staffordshire
Garratt Tamworth, Staffordshire
Green Loxley, Warwickshire
Hall Middleton, Warwickshire
Hawkins Burmington, Warwickshire
Hiron Cherington, Warwickshire
Holtom Brailes, Warwickshire
Hurlston Honington, Warwickshire
Hurst Berkswell, Warwickshire
Jackson Middleton, Warwickshire
Jenkins Staffordshire
Johnston Ireland
Langley Middleton, Warwickshire
Milner Kingsbury, Warwickshire
Orley Berkswell, Warwickshire
Owen Berkswell, Warwickshire
Salt Wiggingon, Staffordshire
South Snitterfield, Warwickshire
Stanford Loxley, Warwickshire
Statham Whittington, Staffordshire
Tims Loxley, Warwickshire
Turner Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
Voice Kingsbury, Warwickshire
Williams Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Wakefield Wolford, Warwickshire
Wright Tamworth, Staffordshire

Charts showing:
All relatives of George Dagnall (my maternal grandfather)
All relatives of Lucy Mary South (my maternal grandmother)

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  1. Hi Kathryn – we are related according to Gedmatch and i have confirmed it through my family tree research. My Kit # on Gedmatch is A961122. According to the family tree work i have done i can confirm you are my 4th cousin 1x removed. Our common ancestors are Benjamin Holtom and Charlotte Clifton. Amazing!

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