John Duppa and Judith Green of Loxley

Tell anyone your hobby is researching your family tree, and one of the most common responses is ‘How far back have you got?’ Here is my answer to that question.

On all of my lines, I have gone back at least 4 generations, i.e. to my great-great-grandparents. Going further back depends on many factors, but I have found that the most important is whether a family stayed in the same area. The line I have provisionally got furthest back with stayed in one village for 6 generations, about 180 years!

John Duppa & Judith Green, my 9xg grandparents, were married in Loxley, Warwickshire in 1670
Their daughter Judith Duppa & Thomas Tims, my 8xg grandparents
Their son Thomas Tims & Sarah, my 7xg grandparents
Their daughter Frances Tims & Joseph Stanford, my 6xg grandparents, were married in Loxley in 1754
Their daughter Sarah Stanford & Randel Adams, my 5xg grandparents, were married in Loxley in 1784
Their son Joseph Adams & Hannah Evetts, my 4xg grandparents, were married in Loxley in 1817
Their daughter Sarah Adams & Hugh South, my 3xg grandparents, were married in Snitterfield, Warwickshire in 1853
Their son Robert Charles South & Kate Holtom, my 2xg grandparents, were married in Snitterfield in 1881
Their son Ernest Charles South & Fanny Statham, my great-grandparents, were married in Lea Marston, Warwickshire in 1906
Their daughter Lucy Mary South was my grandmother.

For all the events before 1754 my evidence comes from a transcription of Loxley parish registers which I have not checked against the original, so obviously the possibility of errors exists. The transcripts were originally online at, but the site now appears to be dead. The parish registers for Loxley after 1754 are online at, as are all the censuses from 1841 onwards.

Here are some photos I took of the church of St Nicholas in Loxley in June 2012:

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One thought on “John Duppa and Judith Green of Loxley

  1. Hi Cousin Kathryn!,

    I’ve come across your blog via a google search.
    In the last week or too I tracked my family back to Loxley.
    I think I am descended from Hannah Timms, youngest daughter of Thomas Timms and Judith Duppa. They would be my 6th great grandparents.
    I have diligently studied the digital copies of the parish records on Find my Past, and Family search. As well I looked at the online parish index which is now located on the Loxley village website. It gave some good clues, but does not go back as far as the originals.
    Kind Regards,

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