The Eades Family, from Worcestershire to Kansas and beyond, Part 2

The children of my 2xg great-uncle George Eades (1820-1904), George, David and Sophia were all born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England in the mid 19th century.

George Eades Jr (1845-1899)

George Jr emigrated to the United States in 1879 and joined his father in Smith County, Kansas. In 1882, he married Pleasance Susanna Seals. George was a farmer in Gaylord, where he lived with Pleasance and their 3 surviving children. George died in 1899, aged 54, and his obituary in the Gaylord Sentinel of 31 August reported that ‘George Eades was an old resident of this place well known and well liked by all. He was industrious and honest, two virtues which all men might emulate with benefit to themselves and to the world.’ George’s funeral was held at the Congregational church, and he was buried in Gaylord Cemetery.
George’s two sons, Bert and Harry, moved to Stockton, Kansas where in 1916, after first working in the Maris Department Store, they bought their own store.

David Eades (1849-1890)

David emigrated to the United States around 1869, probably with his father George, and by 1870 was living with him in Junction City, Kansas. Around 1874, David relocated to Galveston, Texas. In 1877 he married Louise Wilhemina Mehldahl. They lived on Winnie St, Galveston Island with their 5 children. David committed suicide in 1890, as related in my previous post.

Sophia Rhodes nee Eades (1852-1921)

Sophia emigrated to the United States in 1873 and joined her father and brother in Junction City. In 1874 she married Matthew Rhodes, a farmer of Smith County. Their first 2 children, Ernest Francis and Emma Jane, were born in Kansas, before the family moved to New Mexico where William Matthew was born in 1881. By 1890 they were living in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Matthew joined the police force. In 1907, when Matthew died, he was an ‘esteemed police detective’. According to the Salt Lake Tribune a large crowd attended his funeral, where Rev Simpkins spoke of ‘the long activity of Detective Rhodes on the police force and said his home and business life were particularly clean. His efficiency was commended.
Matthew was buried in Mt Olivet cemetery. Sophia died in 1921, aged 68, at the Salt Lake City home of her only surviving child, Ernest Francis, and was also buried in Mt Olivet cemetery.

John Gordon “Dusty” Rhodes (1907-1960)

John was born in Salt Lake City, the son of Ernest Francis Rhodes and grandson of Sophia. He was a professional baseball player from 1929-1936, playing as pitcher for the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. When he married Leah Riser in 1931, Babe Ruth attended the wedding. He was buried in Los Angeles. For more information about “Dusty” please visit these websites:

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