Priscilla, a brick wall no more

Priscilla Bourne (or Bone) was my great-great-grandmother. She was difficult to find prior to her marriage for several reasons: the fact that Priscilla was illiterate means that her maiden name appears on official documents with various spellings, on her marriage certificate her given name is Druscilla rather than Priscilla, and calculating her precise year of birth was made difficult by inconsistencies in her age on census returns. The one fact she was sure about was that she was born in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

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The Dagnells (sometimes Dagnalls) of Denaby Main

James Dagnell and Priscilla Bourne were my great-great-grandparents. Priscilla is one of my ‘brick wall’ ancestors, who I haven’t so far found any information on. James came to England from Ireland in the 1840s with his parents & 2 siblings, at the time of the Great Famine. After marrying, James & Priscilla lived for a few years in Whitwick in Leicestershire, before moving to Denaby Main in the mid 1870s, where they stayed until they died.

Denaby Main was historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, although now it is in South Yorkshire. The Denaby Main Colliery Company was formed in the 1860s, and Denaby Main Colliery Village was built to house workers and their families. The colliery closed in 1968, and all the terraced houses where mine workers like the Dagnells had lived were demolished and replaced by semi-detached houses. Continue reading