Joseph Eades and a meadow in Worcestershire

I’ve always been a bit stuck getting anywhere with the Eades family, but the recent release by Ancestry of Birmingham parish records prompted me to have another look, and this time I’ve made some progress.

My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Eades, was born c. 1829 in Birmingham. From around 1860 to 1881, he lived in Lee Bank Road, Birmingham. From his marriage certificate, I know his father was also called Joseph and was a gardener.

With this information, I found Joseph with his family on the 1841 census, living on Bell Barn Road which is very close to Lee Bank Road. The members of the household were:
Joseph 40y
Elizabeth 30y
William 20y
Ann 15y
Joseph 11y
Henry 7y
Thomas 3y
Francis 1y

I then found baptisms at St Martin’s church for Ann & John (1827), Joseph (1829), Louisa (1832) & Henry (1833), all children of Joseph & Mary Eades of Bell Barn Row/Road. Joseph’s mother Mary was buried in 1835 at St Mary’s church, & his father got married again, to Elizabeth Pountney, at St Martin’s church in 1836.

To find other siblings of Joseph, who weren’t living with the family in 1841, I looked at the parish records for marriages where the father was Joseph Eades a gardener/labourer. I found the following probable siblings of Joseph:
Sarah (m. William Dixon in 1844)
George (m. Elizabeth Green in 1844)
Mary (m. William Pointon in 1859)
and also the marriage of William, who appears on the 1841 census, to Mary Walker in 1842.

The children of Joseph & Mary Eades born after 1827 all seem to have been born & baptised in Birmingham, but the older ones sometimes have other birthplaces on the census returns. The birthplace for Mary on the 1891 census, and for William on the 1861 and 1881 censuses is stated as Bentley, Worcestershire.

Looking on the IGI I found baptisms at Hanbury, Worcestershire for Mary Eades (1817), William Eades (1819) & George Eades (1820), all children of Joseph & Mary Eades. There are villages called Lower Bentley and Upper Bentley near Hanbury, so I think this is the area Joseph and Mary Eades were living in when their first 3 children were born, before moving to Birmingham around 1825.

The really interesting discovery was that near Lower Bentley is Foster’s Green Meadows National Nature Reserve, and the largest field at the reserve is called Eades Meadow! There must be a connection somehow with my Eades family, and I hope to one day find out what that connection is.

Further research needed:
Who was Mary, Joseph Eades’ first wife, and where were they married?
Who was the Richard Eades who was a witness to Joseph Eades’ marriage to Elizabeth Pountney?

11 thoughts on “Joseph Eades and a meadow in Worcestershire

  1. Richard Eades who witnessed Joseph and Elizabeth’s wedding may have been his brother. A Richard Eades was baptised on 9 Jan 1785 at Tardebigge near
    Bentley Worcs. His parents William and Mary also had several children Including Joseph baptised at Hanbury on 4 Sep 1794. A Richard Eades
    was buried at St Bartholomews Birmingham on 9 Mar 1869. Residence Rea St.Age 75

  2. Thanks Ray
    Richard, a saw handle maker, married Elizabeth Taylor at St Philip’s in 1815. Their children (George, Eliza, Emma, William, Jane, Mary Sarah & Thirza) were all baptised at St Martin’s. Elizabeth died in 1851, & Richard in 1859. Various addresses include Allison St, Shutt Lane & Park Lane, all close together in Birmingham. On the 1851 census, Richard’s birthplace is Worcestershire, so I think it’s quite likely he is Joseph’s brother, & marriage witness.

  3. Hi! Kathryn. I cycled from Tardebigge to Hanbury church yesterday. Apart from Patchetts farm, the name Paget is the name of the Earls of Plymorth who are buried at Tardebigge. Coincidence? Best wishes. Ray.

  4. There is a recent grave at Tardebigge with the name ‘Guise’. This I think is the name of Joseph and Richard’s mother. There were others in the area wife of William ( married 1780 Hanbury) The only time I’ve heard the name before was Queen Marie de Guise of France.

  5. By a million to one chance today, I found Williams inscription at Key Hill. his actual death date 11 Dec 1887. It is on a slab among others, each containing about three dozen names. I had walked from Winson Green along Lodge Road. where they once lived. It makes you think if his spirit was guiding me. With odds like that, I did the lottery for the first time in years. I had been there for less than an hour, and was not looking very hard, and I believe there are 15,000 burials. Maybe it WAS divine intervention. Best wishes Ray.

  6. As with Kathryn’s first post “…I’ve always been a bit stuck getting anywhere with the Eades family,…” I’m in the same boat and, without a paddle!

    Anyways I’m wondering if the brothers Charles and Albert Eades would be William’s or Richard’s sons? Charles was a Tailor I’m told.

    Somehow in the 20th Century the Keeling name gets involved with Eades – not sure how.

    Just fishing. Thank you for reading. Any help much appreciated.

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